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The Chocolate Files....Jo

"Don't be stingy with that chocolate Jo"

This is set in Jo's kitchen and is a really simple video. Jo was asked to spread some chocolate icing all over her naked body (while we watched of course). She seemed to quite like the idea and looks as though she thoroughly enjoyed doing it. She did say to us that she was going to have to buy some herself. I wonder whether it is to eat or to spread--or maybe both eh?

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Nicola and Dan's Pie

Nicola has appeared before for us, but this is the first video where she asked her boyfriend Dan to star with her.

They are both from the midlands in England and have seen Sam and Robert's pie video and thought it would be fun, and it certainly was.

Again a simple video: Get naked and get messy. And get properly pied.


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So just to get everyone in the mood, here is a free clip to download, featuring two beautiful models and baby oil, need we say more :)

Enjoy the clip and lookout for over 60 more at the end of the month.

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