Here are two videos for you with an Xmas theme. They star Jamie Lee, a very slim 20 year-old from the Midlands in the uk. We've worked with Jamie Lee before and she jumped at the chance to do some more wet'n'messy work.

In the first video we show you how to prepare your bird for the Xmazs roast. First, of course, you strip of all the coverings and then rub oil all over the skin. It's always best to add some seasoning and Jamie Lee is no exception, so on go the herbs. Stuffing? Well we like apple stuffing and so does Jamie. Finally we wrap the bird in cooking foil and we're ready to roast.

In the second video we thought we ought to get festive with an Xmas snowman (or woman in this case). We covered Jamie Lee's naked body in shaving foam to act as the snow, some biscuits play the part of the buttons, and a scarf and hat complete the perfect snowman (snowwoman)!

Happy Xmas.


Below is a small clip from the video.

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